Saturday, March 03, 2007

This One Goes Out to the One I Love

Just a quick post to acknowledge how much I love and appreciate Anthropapa. He works hard every day, and then comes home to work hard some more with the kids. He shares equally in the housework and caring for the children, since before they were born (he came to every prenatal appointment I think). And who could not love a man who brings me bowls of chocolate ice cream at night after the kids are in bed?


Chris Hunt said...

You're welcome! Although I must say, I often wonder if I could handle your role in the family at all.

Papa Bradstein said...

If I might butt my head into this conversation--he's also a great houseguest. But of course he is--we were roomies for all those years. Oh, and he's a great cook. And . . . OK, you know all those things too, but I just wanted to second your motion that he's a great guy.