Thursday, July 26, 2007

Birth School Work Death

(un)relaxeddad seems to have created an intriguing little meme-like thing. And what better way to avoid finishing my latest job than to make a blog post?

Birth: I came in while my mother was in "twilight sleep," my son came in while I was completely asleep, and my daughter came in while I was awake.

School: Can I deconstruct this novel and write a 5-page paper on it the morning the paper's due?

Work: I could either come back to work at the cube farm where I "motivate" people to do their mind-numbing work, or I could stay at home with my kids and work when I want to on projects I enjoy -- hmmm, let's see....

Death: Each day I experience death -- in the food that I eat, in the hairs that fall out of my head, and sometimes more directly in small animals fallen on the grass; yet despite all this I truly know nothing at all of the realm of death, and only cling to what faith I can muster from ideas of what follows death that are of some comfort.


Hoo-kay, that was a bit harder than I thought. Plus I'm so long-winded that I had to resort to the evils of semicolons and the sneakiness of em-dashes to comply with the "one sentence each" bit.


(un)relaxeddad said...

Heh! I should have banned semi-colons and set a word limit! Never let an editor loose with nothing more explicit than "one sentence".

So you actually got your papers in on time at college? (I forgot that 'school' means two different things in the UK and the US)

Henitsirk said...

Well, I chose college because the memories are much fresher, though "school" does often mean primary/secondary levels here too.

I did get most of my papers in on time in high school and college, but seemed to develop an alarming ability to write passing-grade (and sometimes even better) papers at the last possible moment.

It still mystifies me how I got away with that...I went to a university with a well-regarded English department, so that either means that the regard was undeserved or I was in actual fact brilliant.

Kerryn said...

You're not the only one who got away with that. I remember far too many all-nighters after I had procrastinated (swearing to others that I was "researching the subject") for too many days. And, yes, my papers were always passing-grade or higher, too.

I'd say you were, in actual fact, brilliant!

anthropapa said...

I'd second the brilliance...but of course I'm biased.

Jonathon Morgan said...

this is exactly how i avoid work, too.

Henitsirk said...

OK guys, that "brilliant" comment was supposed to have a humble qualifier after it (like, "kidding!") but I had to hit ye olde publish button before one of my kids poked the other one's eye out. But thanks!