Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Today SillyBilly is 5 years old. I'm having a hard time digesting did he get so big? And I mean big: he's been wearing 6X shirts for a while and has size 12 1/2 feet!

On this day 5 years ago, he was being rushed to the NICU via ambulance while Anthropapa dazedly called people to let them know (He completely forgot to tell my mother what hospital we were in, so she ended up calling my work number and talking to my lead who was fielding my calls, who then told her the names of all the local hospitals. Mom had to call all of them until she figured out where we were!), and I groggily tried to recover from the emergency c-section and essentially could not really comprehend what had happened.

It's hard to believe that those things didn't just happen a few days ago. But, it's true -- SillyBilly is growing up. He's potty trained now (mostly). He has progressed from bassinet to crib to toddler bed, and if we had room for it he would fit into a twin bed nicely now. He will someday soon learn to read and write, and learn to ride his bike sans training wheels.

Let me tell you a bit more about my big boy. He is:

  • a tough cookie. He has hidden reserves of strength that showed from the start. Despite the trauma and illness at his birth, he found a way to survive and flourish. Here's the first day I got to hold him, 21 days after his birth. He had made it over the hump and was only 10 days away from coming home:
  • full of love. If you want the best hug ever, he's your man. He has mastered the art of the "Dr. Crackit," defined by my dad as a big, big, hug that borders on a chiropractic adjustment.
  • full of joy:
  • a social butterfly. He will run right up to strangers to share his recent discoveries, and goes into transports whenever he sees someone he knows walking down the street.
  • a lover of tools.
  • a ready helper. He can put out the compost into the big bin, dry dishes, feed the cats, set the table, cut vegetables (with a sharp knife!), and even stir sauces.
  • a good brother. Though he has his share of spats and selfishness, he does look after his sister and will sometimes even share his toys. He just needs a little practice, that's all.
  • a champion eater. He's always been on the skinny side, but lately he seems to be making up for lost time. Can you say third helpings?
  • an eagle eye. I have the world's most amazing feather collection, and he can find any kind of rock you would like, any time. And just try to make a tiny change in decor without him noticing.
  • an awesome artist. He has made some amazing cardboard creations, makes about 40 gazillion drawings per week, and is also and accomplished sculptor. Check out this playdough birthday cake, complete with flaming candles:
  • gorgeous. You could fall right into those dark brown eyes.
My dear sweetie boy, you have embarked on your sixth year on this Earth. I wish you health, happiness, and all good things. Big smooches and hugs from your Mama.


Helen said...

Happy Birthday, big five-year-old boy! This brought tears to my eyes, especially the photo of him when he was 21 days old. I remember Kiko being fastened to all those wires - we called him the Cable Guy! It's amazing how they bounce back. To see photos of Silly Billy today, you would never guess what he had been through. I hope he had a very happy day and lots of cake!

By the way, I know a little boy who would go crazy to play with that toy fire station with the huh-huh (helicopter!) on top! That looks like a lot of fun!

Henitsirk said...

Helen, that was the "happiest" of the hospital pictures. I didn't want to post the others as they are a bit too upsetting. But that was literally the first time I got to hold him. We could say the same about His Royal Highness -- no evidence he ever wasn't in prime Kiko form!

Of course, we made his birthday cake together -- the Lightning Cake recipe from Joy of Cooking, with almond extract added, and I melted some dark chocolate kisses with a dab of coconut oil for sauce!

I didn't get to mention the fire station, from my mom. That is the only toy of any interest right now! We gave him the crown and silk cape, which has been a distant second. Aside from the more tiny bits (orange safety cones, fire extinguishers, etc.) Kiko would have a blast with it!

Kerryn said...

Happy Birthday SillyBilly.

Thank you for sharing these memories, new and old. You have a very special big boy.

Papa Bradstein said...

Happy Birthday, Silly Billy! What wonderful memories and pictures. Here's to many more years of the same.

szilvi said...

Tell SillyBilly a Happy Birthday from Hungary!
I have to admit I'm in tears right now, as I imagine a mother and new baby who cannot touch for three weeks. SB looks so big for a 3 week old. He was not premature,- what was wrong then, if I may ask? (It's OK if it's too personal.)

vero said...

Happy birthday Silly Billy (never too late, right?)

The Not Quite Crunchy Parent said...

Happy Birthday Billy!

I recognized that firehouse right away! My DS has been eyeing that since we visited our "Marin Waldorf" friends last month. I saw it at Tuesday Morning and might just have to pick it up for Christmas.

BTW - we're gearing up for a Michaelmas celebrations...any ideas for us?