Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Little Help for a Friend

I normally don't advertise here, but I just discovered that a friend has a website for her amazing artwork.

Judit makes beautiful pictures from wool, in the manner described in Magic Wool. She plant-dyes much of the wool herself, and I can say from seeing these works in person that they are masterfully done.

Check them out!


szilvi said...

Oooh, yes, very pretty indeed. I simply love Rapunzel's hair. You can check out my favorite wool-artist:
Believe it or not, she doesn't use felting techniques, like needle or soap, everything is just gently pressed on. Amazing.

vero said...

Yes, yes I wanted to show too, which I was shown by Szilvi. :D
(By the way Szilvi makes BEAUTIFUL waldorf dolls, I hope she will make a web site for them one day!!)
Not trying to be pushy or anything ;) :D

Henitsirk said...

Szilvi: Rapunzel is my favorite! Do share your dolls with us sometime.

Vero: Those are some beautiful wool pictures...very nice use of color.