Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Moonday

That's what my kids call it. It's also the day that they doing paintings at their daycare.

I assume it's Monday --> Moon --> water --> watercolor painting, if I have my correspondences right.**

I'll share some paintings we did at home the other day. Probably not on a Monday, but I'm sure you'll forgive me.

We use cheapo craft store watercolor paper, which we often cut in half. This time I went whole hog into Waldorf style and rounded off the corners beforehand!

Because I save money on the cheapo paper, we use the expensive Stockmar watercolors. What saves our budget is that it's concentrated stuff, which we dilute way down and store in little glass jars in the refrigerator for many future sessions. (Because they are made with natural pigments and binders, the diluted paint will start to smell very bad -- rotten egg bad! -- if left out at room temperature, especially the blues.)

This is Napoleona's. She usually fills the whole page with swaths of muddy colors (she's not very good at remembering to clean her brush between colors). This time she ended the painting with all the little dots in the bottom right corner. I also notice that she made a "frame" of paint.

This one is SillyBilly's. He often treats painting like drawing, making lines of paint to make shape outlines. You can see that in the blue here. But this time he swirled things around a bit and it came out much softer.

This one is by Anthropapa. I like how he let the wet paint colors bleed into each other a bit.

And here's mine. I was going for a sunset over the Santa Monica Mountains kind of look. (Unfortunately they look like this right now because of more wildfires lighting up the evening sky. I had no idea about that when I did this painting.)

**There is a Waldorf cultural tradition that the days of the week have correspondences.

This is nothing new; alchemists and astrologers assigned planets for each day long ago, hence their names. (It helps to have a few foreign languages to see some of them: Tuesday (Tyr's day from the Norse) is Mars day -- Mardi in French. Wednesday (Woden's day from German) is Mercury day -- Mercoledì in Italian.)

And so there are also the things that go along with the days and their planets: colors (blue for Moon/Monday, red for Mars/Tuesday) and foods (Rice/watery on Monday, Oats/fiery on Tuesday) that Waldorf early childhood teachers work with in particular.


Patience said...

If you would be so kind, I'd love to hear more about the daily correspondences. This is something we would enjoy in our family.

I loved the paintings.

szilvi said...

Beautiful paintings.
On the grains: we get barley on Tuesday, and oats on Friday, I wonder why it's duifferent. Not just in our kindergarten, in all of our (Hungarian) reference books it's that way.

maymomvt (or Sarah) said...

I'm not sure our grains matched. We had oats on Monday, rice on Tuesday, millet on Wednesday, bread on Thursday, and soup on Friday.

Henitsirk said...

I've seen several versions...I'll have to dig out the one I have. I did this post mostly from memory!

I do recall that rice was watery and therefore Monday, and oats have the most fat of the grains so they are fiery/Tuesday. But there are different ways to look at it. I'll try to find the one I have.

thegoodwitch said...

Watercolours day is my favourite! (Forget what the kids want...hehehe) Today, we made Christmas cards from our watercoloured pages (that's the big advantage of using good paper --great craft projects result).

BTW, I have the correspondences. I'll put 'em on my blog.

How's the snow? (Hardee har, we swam today and smathered sunscreen to prevent burns!!!)

Henitsirk said...

Goodwitch: The snow was very fleeting, now it's just bare and cold. But there's some possible this weekend. I can't wait!