Friday, November 09, 2007

Study group

I've become involved with a new online community, called The Waldorf Board. It's a threaded discussion board for people interested in Rudolf Steiner, anthroposophy, and Waldorf education.

Somehow, I've gotten myself into an online study group on Steiner's lecture titled "Facing Karma." So far it's been a very interesting discussion, and has made me realize that I'm woefully forgetful of some of the basics of anthroposophy.

It's really easy to develop what I call a "cloud of information" around a topic. Kind of like if you're asked to define a word, and instead of a dictionary-style definition, you provide a bunch of images, words, experiences, and concepts that all hover around the word in your mind.

The down side to this is that while this cloud makes it easy for you to skim along and feel like you're understanding a text, when you're called on to really explain it to someone else you find that you're unable to be specific without admitting it's all your subjective opinion. Maybe I just grok I can't externalize enough to explain it in words.

As I explained this cloud idea to Anthropapa, he pointed out that the way that I'm observing my own thinking process is just what Steiner talked about in Philosophy of Freedom. Wow, I'm good.


thegoodwitch said...

Muchas gracias! I have just registered for the Waldorf board. Yeah! Wow, looked back over your posts and you have been BUSY. I'm inspired:-)

Henitsirk said...

Goodwitch: De nada! I'd like to see that board grow. I feel a little funny seeing my name all over the place, it will be nice to see postings from more people.

I'm also a member of a Waldorf homeschooling Yahoo group (restricted to New England states, sorry!) but that one isn't very active in terms of discussion, more just event notices and people hooking up very locally.

maymomvt (or Sarah) said...

Thanks for the link to the Waldorf Board. I'm going to go check it out. I've been wanting to join a Steiner study group, but haven't felt like I have the time. Maybe I could manage online.

Henitsirk said...

Maymomvt: Thanks for coming by my blog! I hope you enjoy the Waldorf Board. There's a lot more than just the study group there too.