Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanks Be

We had a quiet day around here at Lake Wobegon Anthrohaus. Anthropapa made an amazing turkey dinner (complete with dressing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and biscuits), I made the gravy, and the kids made...noise.

Really, they were quite good. They helped clean the house, helped take out the garbage and recycling, played nicely outside, helped set the table, and were very good at the meal. SillyBilly even got up at naptime to go poop! (Sorry to insert the scatological here, but it's been a big deal lately, as my devoted 6-7 readers know.)

After we ate, we talked about what we were thankful for. We mentioned our warm clothes, the nice daycare the kids go to, Mama and Papa's jobs that they like, and all of our loving grandparents and friends. The kids mentioned 1) the food and 2) Mama and Papa.

At least we ranked #2.

I must say, as a fairly crafty person, that I'm thankful that my kids are interested and talented at crafting. It's something we can always share. Here is a small selection of their most recent works:

They each made a beautiful leaf banners at daycare. This one is Napoleona's.

SillyBilly and I made this paper plate turkey the other day while we had some one-on-one time. He cut the tail slits and did the coloring; I cut out the head and legs and taped it together. Yay impromptu crafts!

The kids and I made this construction paper Indian corn from directions in the latest Your Big Backyard magazine from the National Wildlife Federation.

Even though a good chunk of my readership does not celebrate Turkey Day, I still wish a happy day to you all and hope that you all have manifold things in your lives to be thankful for!


(un)relaxeddad said...

Well, (belatedly) Happy Thanksgiving! And congratulations and making #2. We're still enjoying dudelet's ongoing fascination with 'making things', though this also means that trying to recycle anything - ANYTHING - is liable to become a bit of trial as "I want to save that cardboard box/yoghurt pot/bit of string/crinkled up bit of paper/manky piece of rubbish to make something..."

Charlotte said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I think it's such a lovely holiday - eating great food and giving thanks. All countries should do it.

My kids are very enthusiastic crafters, quite a lot more than I am. Luckily they learn wonderful things at school and kindergarten that they can recreate at home without too much input from me. I will draw for hours though.

Kerryn said...

Happy Thanksgiving, just a little bit late! I'm with Charlotte -- food and thanksgiving make for a wonderful holiday.

I love the paper plate turkey. And the autumn leaf banner. I wish I had children I could share crafts and crafting with.

Henitsirk said...

URD: The last few days the kids have been making things out of little 4-inch squares of colored tissue paper I got for their craft supplies. They twist them into little shapes, tape them onto pieces of drawing paper, and, the best of all: they wad them up into balls and coat them with pieces of clear tape to make "jewels" or "planets. These things are wonderful, but they get surreptitiously thrown out whenever possible!

Charlotte and Kerryn: I kept gently suggesting to my hubby that he might be making too much food for just the four of us. He kept gently reminding me that Thanksgiving is about being thankful for abundance!

thegoodwitch said...

So happy to be one of those 6-7 devoted readers. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you ate enough cranerries for all of us who can't get 'em anymore! Oh, and enjoy the snow. My kids are swimming in the pool right now!hehe.